Everyday Make-Up Routine

Look, I am NO make-up guru, OK?  But it is fun; I enjoy doing make-up most days and as much as I would LOVE to rock no make-up daily, I don’t.  I feel more confident when I throw on my normal day-to-day look.  Who else feels me on this!?

I'm becoming more conscious about the products I use on my body, my face and even in my home...after all, our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs so much more than we realize.  With that said, I have started to make swaps with my products.  Like many, I grew up not giving a second thought to the ingredients in the products I used, or even how they were manufactured.  Through my own research and learning over the past few years, I've realized how many toxic products I actually use.  It's a little bit scary - all the stuff that goes into these things.  So, as I've become aware of this, I've been gracefully swapping and reaching for cleaner skincare and beauty products.

Out of all the products I use on a day-to-day basis, my make-up has been the hardest to swap, but I am making traction now.  As I've run out of something, I've swapped it for a less toxic alternative instead of buying all new products at once. To me, it's been much better to do it this way to make sure I'm not creating unnecessary waste.

My Current Make-Up Routine & Products
OK, let’s get into my everyday simple make-up routine...

  1. Primer: Fré Skincare - Protect Me face lotion (code: TANNER for 15% or more off)
  2. Foundation: L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation, 200 Golden Sand, 30 ml (when this runs out, I am switching over to W3ll People lightweight foundation)
  3. Concealer: Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage
  1. Mineral Powder: Youngliving Savvy Mineral Powder
  2. Bronzer: Youngliving Savvy Mineral Bronzer
  3. Eyeshadow/Blush/Highlighter: Shape your Money Maker and Cheek Palette 
  4. Mascara: Mary Kay Lash Love
  5. Chapstick: Youngliving lavender chapstick

Here is a glance at the daily look - before and after!

I love a simple, natural look day-to-day, with a dewy and bright touch!  These products do that for me.  But I am also excited to try out some new natural products this year.  On this journey of mine to cleaner skin health and beauty, I would love to hear about what non-toxic products you use that work wonders.  Flick me a DM on Instagram @trainertanner and let me know!

One thing that has helped my skin SO much is a night and morning skincare routine.  It has changed my complexion and helps my make-up go on much smoother.  For this routine, I use all Fré Skincare products.  It's a vegan line made with Argan oil and for every set sold, an Argan tree is planted to help replenish the endangered forest in Morocco.  I am OBSESSED with the way these products leave my skin feeling and looking!  Check out the beautiful Fré Skincare products here, and don't forget you can use my code TANNER to get 15% (or more) off!  Head on over to this blog post to see my whole skincare routine.

Smile (that's the real essence of beauty), enjoy today and keep #chasingfreedom <3 




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