How to Increase Instagram Engagement

The most common business question I get, “Tanner, how can I grow my Instagram following?” I understand this question because it makes sense that if you have a bigger following or more engagement, then you will have more business success. Right?

Right and wrong. Here is what I love to say first, “focus on the one person that is ALREADY following you. You business can grow without growing a massive following. When YOU focus on engaging with the one person, more people will be likely to engage with you and your platform.”

I am ALL about creating community using social media. That is my expertise. It is where Chasing Freedom came to fruition. So i want to use this blog post to help you increase your social media engagement, create community and generate income.

Three Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement:
  1. Address the problem and get detailed: Let’s go back to the ONE person. For instance, when I post, show up on video and write I am speaking to 25 year old, Charley (she is a girl). Charley is feeling a stirring in her heart. She feels a prompt to dive deeper into her faith so that she can seek freedom from her years of body image struggles. She sees new opportunities in her career, but feels fear to fully pursue using her gifts. She is realizing that the insecurities that she lives with physically is affecting all parts of her life. She is ready to invest, get help and finally DO what she says she will do. As you can see, fear, body image, and confusion are big struggles of her. BUT within each of those, there are smaller problems. Maybe the body image stuff comes from years of putting her identity in men, or something her mom said when she was young or even from always feeling “bigger” than all her friends. So, I speak to THOSE. See how I went deeper?  The deeper you go, the more you get your followers to DM you and say “wow I felt like this was written for me today”. DING DING DING. This is huge for your engagement and business. ** all the magic happens in the DMs, don’t neglect them
  2. Stand out in the DMs: voice memo and video message will change the game for the connection you created with people. I know it seems like a lot of work and feels kinda scary but do you really want to grow this business? THIS has helped me so much. Women never fail to be surprised when I personally show up in their inbox. It shows that you care. Anyone can hide behind text, but sharing your voice and face immediately build a layer of trust you did not have before. I tell my business clients to reach out to 10 people a week personally SIMPLY to connect and get to know other’s stories. I cannot tell you how many clients this eventually brought them and myself.
  3. Pictures and Captions Matter: I am all about “done is better than perfect” but this doesn’t mean just post to check it off your list. Your pictures + the first sentence of your caption absolutely matter when you are running a business. Hire a photographer to take LOADS of photos, find a friend to help and work on learning how to take better pictures of yourself. I am not saying to put on a fake instagram facade, be YOU in these pictures. If you don’t wear make-up, then don’t doll up just for this. But the QUALITY of your images will help stop the scroll for others. Instagram is a visual app and it is the first thing people see when scrolling. So give your images some TLC. Babies, dogs and husbands/boyfriends also help people stop the scroll haha. Now, your first sentence in the caption. This is your shot for people to keep reading. If you are wanting to give value and use your platform to serve, this sentence matters. I want to give you some ideas to try these next few weeks:
    • Are you (probing question)?
    • How-To (desired result)
    • Secrets of (who they admire or trust)
    • If you are (characteristic), you can (desired result)
    • Who else wants to (desired result)
    • Give Me (time) and I’ll (surprising result): “Give Me 15 minutes 4 times per week and I’ll help you become an intuitive eater you never thought you could be”
    • (End result) + (Time period) + (Address the objections): How to make a balanced dinner in under 15 minutes for under 6 dollars
    • (Do something) like (world-class example)
    • Do you recognize the (number) early warning signs of (blank):
    • Why I (blank) and maybe you should too
    • The biggest lie in (industry)
    • (blank) may be causing you to lose out on (desired result)
    • The ugly truth about (something they’ve tried and failed with)
    • What everybody ought to know about (topic)
    • Discover the (desired result) secret
    • How (something weird or different) made me (desired result)
    • How (impressive number) got (result) without (undesirable result)
    • Build a (desired result) you can be proud of
    • They didn’t think I could (desired result), but when I did
    • If you can (blank) you can (desired result)
    • Improve your (desired result) in (time period)
    • Get (desired result) without losing (something they don’t want to sacrifice)
    • A _______ method that’s helping _______ to ___________.
    • Why you need to break all the rules to get ____________.
    • How to survive your first ___________.

I have about 10 other engagement tips that I could write about all day. But I think the theme of these is intentionality. When you show up to serve and have that heart posture, what you give is going to be more powerful. If you show up to “grow your instagram” then content can become surface and desperate pretty easily. 

Best thing you can do for your business? Be yourself. Show and use your gifts and TELL STORIES!

Helping develop women and their online businesses is one of my favorite things to do.

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