How I Built a Great Skincare Routine

I was the girl in college that would fall asleep without washing her make-up off far too often.

I was also the girl that never thought about a daily face SPF, in fact, the more sun the better.

I never had a good skincare routine because quite frankly, I did not want to pay for it.

Until everything changed. I met Fre two years ago! A skincare company that was designed and created for women that sweat and love the sun. At first, like all products, I was skeptical. You hear and see reviews but is it REALLY that great?

I started with the 123 Fre Set and after a few weeks knew there was no going back.

Here are some reasons why:
  • It is non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free. I have been focusing on slowly changing to products that I use daily and skincare is a biggy.
  • It was LIGHT and super clean feeling. My skin likes to breath. I don’t mess with heavy products.
  • It was an EASY 3-step process that cleansed, protected and nourished my skin. 
  • The set lasted me four months! A little goes a long way. I am ALL about that.

Since the 123 Fre Set, I now have added EVERY product that they offer to my daily regimen. Can you tell I am a Fre addict? It’s OK, I accept it.

What I realized is that I get one life, with one face. Ha! It is the skin that sees the sun the most, wrinkles the fastest and has make-up sitting on it most days. I NEED to take care of it.

Now, skincare is not my only skin trick. Water, food, movement and managing my stress of course play a big role too. But this routine that I have each morning and night is something that I look forward to. Knowing that I am taking care of my skin makes me feel like I somewhat have my life together. If you know what I mean.

Here is my routine now…



Other products I love and use weekly:

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If I were you, I would start with the 123 Fre Set and possibly throw in the I am Love facial oil because that is my favorite product of all products I have used ever. It is magic, liquid gold. I have no clue how they did it, but they did.

Use code: TANNER at check out.

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And if you have any questions, shoot me a DM over on my Instagram @trainertanner and I will answer it for you!

Stay Youthful, 




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