The Reality of Living in Freedom with Food

MYTH: You can’t have a life, eat out or have sweets when you are trying to live healthier.

During my transitions into intuitively eating to feel my healthiest self, I was... 
🤙🏼Eating out at Mexican most weeks AND getting a margarita.
🤙🏼 Enjoying sweets (nearly) on the daily. 
🤙🏼Working out 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes. 
🤙🏼Not taking tupperware to social events and eating what was available. 
🤙🏼Not stepping on a scale and correlating my weight with how I felt about myself that day. 
🤙🏼Traveled for 7 months straight living in different places each week and STILL remained healthy

How?? Because I... 
1️⃣I was not stressed about “dieting” but instead was equipped with a deeper reason to nourish and steward my body well.

2️⃣Understood that my body NEEDS optimal energy to get optimal output but it also needs to enjoy things in moderation!

 3️⃣This one may sound woo-woo to you but it is the hard truth…. I was more focused on my spiritual journey than my body’s journey.

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XO, Coach Tan

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