Finding Your Voice in a Loud World

Find your voice...
Step into your potential...
Overcome fear...
Flip the narrative on comparison...

Know you're destined to have a greater impact in this world, but not quite sure where to start?...We've all been there!  Read on...

I connected with the amazing Callie Ammons through her voice.  She's one of my clients and has become a true friend!  We're both passionate about helping women create lives that they love...lives of freedom.  Callie's avenue to do this is through using her words; blogging and speaking to help women step into their lives more intentionally. 

I've never met someone who is just so dang encouraging and truly takes the time to listen to people.  Over the past few years, Callie started noticing a pattern of women constantly coming to her and asking questions or just reaching out to her for someone to listen to what was going on in their lives.  These conversations were inspiring the women she was interacting with and at the same time igniting her soul with passion and purpose. 

It was Callie's husband who had the idea for her to start a podcast.  When she was blogging, it would often feel like there are just so many things to say, but only so much space on a page...and only so many words people are willing to take the time out of their busy days to read.  So, podcasting became her REAL voice.  No condensing.  No cutting her message short. 

This was just over a year ago and her voice is being heard more and more - daily, people are finding her and connecting with the heart behind her work.  When her husband first suggested this idea, unsurprisingly, it was met with thoughts like "There's no way I can do that."  "How would I even start?"  "How do you get accepted on i-Tunes?" "How do you find the right equipment?"

She searched high and low for a one-stop-shop course that would teach her all she needed to know to get it off the ground to no avail...short of finding one, she created one!  That's the type of gal Callie is...we'll come back to this, though!  On her journey, she had to piece all the bits together and learn MANY lessons along the way. 

What you can learn through finding your voice

She really had to learn to LISTEN and THINK at the same time.  And now that's just second nature for her in her conversations, which is incredible - I know from my experience podcasting that it really helps to deepen communication.  Podcasting takes a lot of practice - your first one will always make you cringe.  But over time, your speech improves; it becomes smooth without the 'ums and ahs'.  You gain more confidence with each episode, and you become more INTENTIONAL with your thoughts AND your voice.

From my personal point of view, my time recording solo podcasts (when I'm literally speaking to no one, but also everyone at the same time), has helped my prayer life SO MUCH!  It helps me to sit and talk to God.  There are so many parallels.  And it's not about always articulating your words perfectly, it's about speaking truth from your heart.

I asked Callie to share some of her key tips and lessons, so here they are!

  • You need to get uncomfortable

In any spiritual or self-development journey, there are times that feel sticky and uncomfortable.  But the things that feel hard are the things that help us grow.  Callie would wait until she felt 'ready' to do anything that felt uncomfortable...but do we ever really feel ready?  She doesn't think so, and neither do I.  There's always more we can do, another day to can become endless and paralyzing.  So even when we don't feel ready to step into something uncomfortable, you just have to DO IT ANYWAY.

For Callie, she knew it would be hard for her to actually START her podcast because of the discomfort that comes along with trying something new.  So, to combat this, she set a date and announced it was happening to create a level of accountability that meant if she didn't show up, it would make her look like a fraud...and that, she's NOT.  I've talked about this before - telling people what you're doing...and just scaling that by sharing it publicly will help you take action!

"Courage is the ability to step out WHEN you're feeling fearful" 

  • Find ways to feel encouraged to keep going
This past season of Callie's has been full of transition and newness, which has brought her so much growth.  She told me how hard it's been - there have been days of doubt, tears, feeling stuck and questioning it all.  And what kept her going was always coming back to her 'WHY'.  She keeps track of every single person that either leaves a review or sends her a positive DM.  When she feels like giving up, or gets a nasty message, all she as to do is look at these to realize the impact she's having; to remind her that God is using her to speak to people, specifically.  And that encourages her to keep going.

  • Face your fears with love, faith and community
Okay, so having this platform to share her voice and truly help women AND grow her business...podcasting is a double whammy!  Amazing!  But what happens if she runs out of things to say?  This is not only a fear of Callie's, but it's been one of mine too!  Like, there's only so much you can say in one niche area, right?

Here's what to do to squash this fear:
  • Get around community - talking with people who have similar passions will give you so many ideas!
  • Check in with your followers - what have they been posting about; what's feeling important to them at the moment?
  • Go grab coffee with someone and just LISTEN
  • Know that you never will run out of things to say.  You are forever changing and evolving, and so are your words!
  • Move your body or get out into nature to quieten your go-go-go and let your creativity free!
  • REMEMBER that if God is calling you to something, he will help you continue moving forward.
  • If it's important to you, MAKE TIME
When Callie first started her podcast, she was still in her corporate job and was easily working between 60 and 80 hours a week...ugh!  She started questioning if she'd really have the time to even START.  What worked for Callie was batch work (something I'm not overly good at...yet).  She made space just focus ONLY on recording!  She tells her students to sit down for 1 day per month, for 4 hours and just knock it out...that's just 12 days out of the year to run a successful podcast!  And not even full days.  Genius!

It's about maximizing the spaces in your schedule and being INTENTIONAL with your time - having a plan and actually being able to execute it.

  • Stop comparing yourself (we know, easier said than done...)
Social media makes this especially difficult!  Callie literally had to delete all her social media because it was becoming so toxic for her...stealing joy.  When Callie really started to work in the online space, she had to tread very carefully.

She set boundaries and parameters - she takes 24 hours off social media each week to take that addiction feeling away and to reset for the week and refocus on her 'WHY'.  Putting yourself out there can also be terrifying.  She now journals daily to set up a positive mindset that helps her to be aware and intentional in her thoughts and actions throughout the day.  Oh, and of course, she believes in Christ and what she was created in this season.

Also, when you start a podcast, you WILL literally begin with ZERO followers.  Within the first while, it'll experience a lot of growth...and then it'll slow and you'll start comparing your current success to your earlier growth.   

It's important to know that your audience doesn't equal your impact!  If 2 people listened, 2 people obviously needed to hear what you had to say.  If you think about physical being present, talking to say 100 listeners...that's HEAPS!  That's a big audience.  Podcasting just allows us to reach a huge audience all around the world that makes us feel like 100 isn't enough.  But it is!  More than enough!  Just go back to your motive.  Why are you pressing record? Why are you pressing share and publish?  If we're truly serving, we show up for the 1, 100 or 1000 people listening.

Is podcasting for you?

Podcasting honestly just gives you so much more space and volume to be heard and reach people.  If it weren't for Callie's podcast, we wouldn't even have a friendship, so I for one am super stoked her husband gave her that little nudge!

If you're in the beginning stages of podcasting, or if it sounds like something you might be into, DM Callie on Instagram for access to her FREE masterclass 3 Simple Steps to Starting Your Podcast.

ALSO!...This next week, Callie has her very own Podcasting Made Simple course being launched! So exiting!! Turn off that lie that you believe that you're not capable of using your voice, or that your voice isn't worth being heard.  Because, it simply IS! Every single one of us has influence and impact, whether we're talking to 1 person, or a million people.  This course is completely self-paced and SO affordable...see what's covered here.

As well as Callie's podcasting talents, she also offers 1:1 coaching with an Enneagram twist!  Find more from Callie on Instagram @callieammons or check out her website

If you wanna hear Callie's real voice, head on over to the Chasing Freedom Show Podcast where she talked me through her podcasting journey and vision for helping more voices to have a platform and be heard.  Also, screenshot if you listen to the podcast so that more people can find this show and chase some freedom in their lives.

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