Fertility Encouragement

I get it now.

This negative test or that period you didn’t want to come can give you a feeling unlike you have ever felt before.

They say, “you’re never ready to have a baby” but in my small family of two, that just does not seem true. While we may have a lot to learn and we know a baby would change our world, we definitely feel ready and yearn for a child!

When I used to think about this season of my life, I thought I would handle it with so much grace and patience, fully trusting in His timing.

As much as I would love to tell you that is my story right now, it sure has not felt graceful. It has felt hard. I had a level of anxiety I did not know was possible for me. I have been confused with my prayer life wondering what to say. Those two week waits feel like 7 months and I have been more hyper-aware of my body than ever.

So I get it.

And I wonder how many women are in this same season as me doing it behind closed doors. Wondering if something is wrong or if it is a heart posture issue?

I know putting this out there is revealing, but I don’t think this has to be a secret. It’s life and I am all about creating community around the hard and the exciting things!

Prayers for all the future momma’s desiring babies. Comment below, what helped or is helping in your season of conceiving? #chasingfreedom

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