The Truest Way To Transform Your Body

The Truest Way To Transform Your Body

Want to stop talking about food constantly? About exercising constantly?  Judging your body and what you're eating and all the ways you've 'failed'!?  Then let me help you STOP!  What we're talking about here is TRUTH. We're talking about positivity.  We're talking about shifting and pivoting and changing your life literally FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Re-molding your mind doesn't sound like an easy feat does it!? Trust me, I get it.  I've been there!  And while it's not something that just happens overnight, it's not as hard as you think it might be.  I've nailed it down to 3 key steps to make this transformation.

I developed this process from my own personal transformation AND my experience with my 1:1 coaching girls where I visually see their bodies change purely because of a shift in mindset; the thoughts and words they speak about themselves...Change. Their. Bodies!!!

Alright, let's dive into these 3 magical steps:

1. SHIFT your mindset
So, the first step is the actual shift.  Shifting the focus from your body, to your mind.  Often we want a change because there's something we see in the mirror that we don't like.  There's something we see or feel that we're not comfortable with that is the motivator for us wanting to change.  BUT these motivators don't always equal action - we need to focus on changing our thoughts; what's on the inside - the things we focus on about ourselves tend to become our identity.

For years, I focused on two things: men and my body.  A good day was determined by how much (and what) I ate and how much I worked out. I was all consumed by my appearance.  I was trying to control every part of my own life, constantly I feeling like I wasn't 'enough'.  And because I had so much focus on my body and on food, I felt all this pressure that actually had me end up doing things that were just totally bizarre and outlandish, like eating way too much and 'sneak-eating'.  Which is NOT what I was going for.  And I began to lose hope in the midst of this struggle.

I wondered if I would ever be normal around food again.  Whether I would ever live a day without staring at my body in the mirror, disgusted by my cellulite and trying to suck my belly in.  My mind was being trained by things like SELF-SABOTAGE, COMPARISON and LACK. Every day was literally a fight for me.  All of the actions I was taking came from a place of hate for myself (that feels so icky to say!).  It was me versus my [negative] thoughts.  My mind became convinced that this was

What I'm trying to say is, I know how hard it feels to know where to start when you've had that one way of thinking for such a long time.  But this right here, is your starting point.  Make the choice to SHIFT your focus away from your body and appearance, and turn it inward.

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." 
- Romans 12:2

Take this verse and just start dwelling on it. Let it be imprinted into your heart, your mind and into your soul.  I promise you this: when you change your thoughts, your entire life will change, not just your body!

2. Create new HABITS
What daily actions are you taking to make sure that you are re-molding your mind?  As a Kingdom Woman (a girl living in freedom), here's what you can do daily:

  • Reflection & quiet time to become rooted - whatever this looks like to you, do it!
  • Movement - when you move a muscle, something else in your body moves.  It's like a ripple effect.  You can find more freedom & mind renewal through movement - its all connected
  • Nourishment - think: water, greens, meal prepping, nourish bowls etc.
  • Act of service - lives with your palms up.  When our palms are up, we're in this surrender posture; ready to receive but also ready to give.
  • Always be open to pivoting - you don't have to be a slave to your perfect schedule or your 30 minute about 30 minute agenda or plan or that you have.
  • Be a prayer-boy-warrior - prayer doesn't have to look any specific way.  It doesn't have to follow a certain routine.  If that works for you, by all means, stick with it!  But just relax into your communication with God and know that you can be in prayer anywhere, at any time and every time!

3. Make the change SUSTAINABLE
Think about trying to make a mold (this could take some imagination).  You shape it, and then you expect it to be ready and perfect straight away...right!?  WRONG.  The mold needs time to set.  You have to let the mold sit to become solid in order for it to hold its shape.

So often, this is how we pursue changing our mind, our relationship with Jesus, or our health journey.  We need to give ourselves enough time making these changes to actually allow our minds to be re-molded, and not just for a day or two.  I think this takes 2 things: consistency and fervent prayer.

I think that is such a beautiful part of biblical sustainability is the choice we can make every single day to wake up and say, I choose freedom today...I choose freedom!  And I I truly believe that freedom is not needing a perfect plan of this world, but believing in the plan that God has already designed for us.

I just love talking about this stuff - it is so, SO important, and it is so close to my heart!  Go listen to my podcast if you want to hear me speak more truth about how to transform your body by transforming your mind!  You can listen on Spotify, iTunes, or SoundCloud.  It's episode 63 - enjoy!!!

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