The Secret to ACTUALLY Becoming a Successful Intuitive Eater

I wondered if I would ever be someone who could “eat intuitively”. Or if I would always need structure because without it I can’t trust myself.

How does one have access to everything, have no rules, no plan and still pursue their health goals?

That just felt impossible to me. I loved tortilla chips too much and if someone offered me pizza or margs, without rules I know I would never turn them down.

Want to know what changed everything for me?

I surrendered. I realized that for as long as I couldn’t remember, “health” to me was fighting myself and seeing food as the enemy.

Did I want to spend the rest of my life fighting something that was designed to GIVE me life. To GIVE me energy. Something that brings people together into fellowship.

And yet I spent years telling myself it made me fat, counting every calorie/ macro, correlating the scale with how much I could/should eat, stressing over social events and basing a good day off of how I ate.

Food wasn’t the enemy. I was my own. I was in my way. I let society tell me what I didn’t and did not need. Diet culture is inevitable but choosing to believe it is on us. What thoughts do you need to surrender?

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