Some Words For People Pleasers

That awkward moment when I thought being a “people pleaser” was a selfless personality, but then was
revealed just how selfish it was.

I think often we make the mistake (like I did) where we think putting ourselves last and being a people
pleaser are one in the same.

Last year I read a book called, “Free of Me” where I was quickly humbled. Being a people pleaser is
actually pretty darn selfish. It’s kinda of the opposite from the life I thought I was living, it was really putting
my own self on a pedestal.

Let me explain... I am not sure about you but its KILLS me when I think someone is mad at me or
potentially does not like me. Like lose sleep over, get a random pimple, and have anxiety over type of
feeling. #whyamilikethis

When you think about that a little more, we do things to please people so that WE can be liked by
everyone and be seen as good. It’s not first and foremost for the service of others, as much as I would
like to say it is. It’s for the service of my reputation. I need to be ok with all my friends, clients, in-laws,
nearly 30k insta followers and church.

When I swallowed my pride and let this sink in, I started to understand how this very trait was holding me
back from being who I was designed to be. We are called to live MORE like Jesus. And I can assure you
that Jesus was not stressin’ if people liked Him and what He said. He was on a mission. He spoke truth
regardless and He was silent when He needed to be. He was bold and sacrificed His everything to point
people to the cross and give this WHOLE world hope.

And here I am , cringing at a text that someone MIGHT or might not take wrong. Trying to be 17 places at
once because that is what I think they expect. Rushing and living off the phrase “ASAP”.

So how do we actually begin to change this pressure we feel to be loved and accepted by everyone?
For me, it has been a focus shift. Instead of fighting my flesh, I find it much more productive to LEARN truth. To put on my armor of God daily. To fix my eyes on freedom. I refused to believe the lie that, “oh I am just like this.” Cause I know that is SO not what Jesus would do.

Let’s stop slapping labels on ourselves and start living like true children of God. Believing that what God
does and says is TRUE. #chasingfreedom

PS.. A couple weeks ago I released episode 62 of the Chasing Freedom Show podcast:
Embracing Your 'Real' and Living Better - with Julie Ledbetter. 
Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, or SoundCloud!


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