Honesty Hour

Honesty Hour

Just Take Action. Just Take Action. JUST. TAKE. ACTION.

Are you feeling stuck, but know you're called into something greater?  Do you talk a big game about making changes, but struggle to follow through?

It's so common for us to just TALK about wanting change...like "I've got to get healthier", "I really need to get on my A game", or "I need to start my dream business" and so on.  The issue is; it's just talk.  It's literally just word vomit that isn't followed up with action.  We don't take ourselves and our words seriously enough.

Maybe you're an entrepreneur who wants to stop talking about her dream and wants to be LIVING it.  Or maybe you just finally want to be free of diet culture.  I used to always TALK about wanting food freedom.  Honestly, I wanted it!  I didn't want to weigh myself multiple times a day; I didn't want to continue to lift my shirt up and look at my stomach when I looked in a mirror and wonder if it had magically changed in 3 hours; I didn't want to be in My Fitness Pal all the time, literally counting calories and looking at my macros and seeing what I had left for the day.  I didn't want any of it.  But all I did was talk.

Career, marriages, friendships, health...whatever it might be for you that you just know you're not living out what you're capable of, I get it!  I understand thinking to yourself "I'm gonna do this and that", but nothing is changing - everything feels the same.  When we talk and don't back it up with action, we just feel stuck.  And in feeling stuck, we begin to feel unworthy because we're not stepping into our potential or pushing ourselves into things that we know deep down we're meant for.  And when you feel this way, it's hard to really be grateful for all that you do have and all that IS working out for you.

It's like we get stuck in this feeling of unworthiness because we're more comfortable in our own abandonment than we are with change.  But I promise you this; God doesn't want you to feel this way.  You're not called to feel unworthy or incapable of change.  You're not called to feel stuck.  You're just not.  And so often when people feel this way, it's not because they are actually stuck, it's that they're not really choosing to follow the Holy Spirit.  Because even when you feel stuck, God is definitely still moving - He is always on the move.  It's important to KNOW this.

Change.  Transformation.  Growth.  Evolution.  Whatever you call it, it's time to step into the truest, most authentic, happy and healthy version of yourself.  I know it can feel sticky and scary and overwhelming (trust me I've been there MANY times) but there are some easy steps you can take TODAY to help get you there.

1. Get uncomfortable

If you're not getting uncomfortable, you are not allowing yourself to fully evolve into what you're so capable of being and doing.  You have to take some risks and do things that feel unnatural or unfamiliar in order to discover your true potential.

I'll give you an example from my life recently.  Personally, I know I have been called into speaking to women about freedom, health, stewardship, nourishment, and all those good things.  And I know this calling extends beyond the online space to where I need to be physically in front of women.  But the idea of stepping into a space of speaking in front of people without being able to edit anything or speak from nothing and just be present and share, felt so uncomfortable to me.

When I had to do public speaking in college, I would just freeze.  I would get up there and literally thank God for note cards.  I'd do the presentation but I would black out and not remember anything!!  Honestly, the memory of this made me so fearful of getting up there again.  But, long story short, I got asked to speak at a women's conference event for 30 minutes, where there would be around 200-300 people.  Immediately, without hesitation, I said yes.  Because I knew if I thought about it too much, I would start to second guess myself and my abilities, my nerves would get the better of me, and I'd feel like this was just too big of a place to start.

But let me tell you what this has done for me.  That one speaking event allowed me to find a voice, and not only a voice of my own, but a TRUE voice that was in sync with the Holy Spirit that I honestly didn't know I had access to.

All those years of wondering, "God, why are you calling me to go on stage and speak to women, I don't really understand?" was just overtaken with this divine knowing.  When I left the stage that night, I remember explaining to my mom how it's one thing to get called into something that you do and you hate, but you know you're called into it, so you just have to sacrifice and do it.  But it's a whole other thing to get called into something that you end up LOVING and feels so good in your soul.  I had never felt that before in my entire life.  If I hadn't got uncomfortable and said yes and showed up that day, I wouldn't feel prepared and propelled to move into more events like this.  And being able to speak and share with women on things that will impact their lives and help them to live with more freedom is EVERYTHING.

It's SO important to step into things that you are called to, even if you don't feel capable yet.  Don't hold yourself back because you're not willing to get uncomfortable or your scared to change and evolve.

2. Make a move (any move!)

Change has to start somewhere and it's got to start NOW.  If you wait, literally NOTHING will happen.

If you're stuck in the comfort of your own feelings even though you've got people pushing you from behind, here's what you need to do: just take a step.  Take one step.  Commit to one thing TODAY.

One simple thing that I have to tell myself constantly in my business and my entrepreneurial journey is that the needle can't move if I don't move.  Even if I'm eager to move and grow and evolve and move that needle forward in my business so that I can impact more people, if I'm doing the same monotonous things every single day, it'll never happen.  So now, every week, I ask myself what is going to move my needle forward, and then I make some small, simple changes so that I can continue to up level and actually live out my eagerness and desire to continue to help more and more women!

There also has to be a force behind the needle in order for it to move and for you to make progress.  And that force has to come from YOU.  It has to come from within.  And when you move, momentum begins.  Each week, try asking yourself how you can move your needle forward.  What 1 small step can you take that will create even the slightest shift?  And then DO IT.

"A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart." 

And what if, instead of every time you complained or made an excuse, you said something you were grateful for or was working in your favor?  Imagine the shift this would create in your life.  Gratitude is everything - focusing on the good will help you see more of it and you'll shift from the excuses to the 'I can and I will' mentality.  The mind is so powerful, but what comes out of your mouth is even more powerful, so try to be intentional with your words...maybe that's the 1 step you take right now!?

We are very good at complaining about our bodies, or our jobs, or our relationships. We complain about so many things, except we're not willing to make a move to change anything.  That quote reminds me of just how toxic complaining can be and how it can hold us back from taking steps forward.

3. Use resistance to make you STRONGER!

If you're really feeling stuck and you're just not feeling able to take action, ask yourself: what's resisting you?  What's pulling you back?  What's the thing that's keeping you so comfortable?

Maybe it's some stories that you're holding onto that tell you you're not capable, or that you're afraid of failure, or that no one's going to understand where you're coming from.  Examine these lies that have built up about your body, your abilities, your finances, or whatever it may be and ask what's resisting you.  What's not allowing you to take a step?

And remember, resistance makes you stronger.  Think about when you're in the gym doing a back squat every single week, 2 x per week, increasing your weight weekly - you're inevitably going to get stronger.  Through that resistance, through the challenge, through the thing that's pushing you into the ground while you're trying to stand up...you will get stronger!

So often we see our resistance as a roadblock that we cant get past.  But the mere act of shifting your mindset around resistance will begin to create strength.  If you think back to all the hardships that you've been through, you'll be able to see that each and every challenge has made you stronger.  They helped you learn and become a better version of yourself.  And I know when you're IN a challenging situation, you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy, but you also wouldn't want to change having the experience because of how much it taught you!

So, whatever resistance you're experiencing right now, whatever is holding you back, I really urge you to try and see it differently.  Look at the resistance as something that is going to help push you to become a stronger individual.  And man, when you can make that mindset shift, the changes that you're going to be able to make and the steps that you'll be able to take are going to be so incredible.  SO incredible!

If you want to hear my full honest and blunt ramble about taking action, go listen to episode 65 of my podcast - The Chasing Freedom Show.  You can listen on  SpotifyiTunes, or SoundCloud.

After reading this or listening to my podcast, I hope you can take just 1 step.  1 step, that's it.  Momentum starts with a single step.  And when you can take one step at a time, and you build momentum and speed, guess what comes from that?  Transformation.  Change.  Growth.  Evolution.  Freedom.  Freedom and release from all the resistance and things 'holding you back'.  So, to the girl feeling stuck, who knows she's called into something greater...MOVE!  Just.  Take.  Action!

I am running my first ever completely free workshop online.  Basically, think of it like a speaking event, except you get to be in your PJs, with a cuppa and some snacks while you tune in.  I'm going to teach my 5 realistic steps to becoming an intuitive eater - the 5 that you'll ACTUALLY implement right away.  I want this to bring you more peace and more freedom than you've ever had with food in your entire life! 

If you're struggling to genuinely believe that you can even be an intuitive eater or if you feel lost on where to start in your food freedom journey or you actually just have this dream of NEVER HAVING TO DIET AGAIN, then this is for you!

Join me for just 1 hour on Tuesday, 24 September 7:00 p.m. EST and I'll give you all the steps that I went through to go from a chronic dieter to actually finding and living in REAL food freedom.  Sign up here.

P.S. Guess who has an OFFICE!? Me!...it's me! I have an office and I'm so darn excited!  The Chasing Freedom headquarters is officially OPEN.  I've just moved back to Georgetown, Kentucky where I grew up and I'm living with my parents while our house is being finished (we get to move in in 6 weeks!!!!!!).  Our house is out in the country, so I want somewhere to be able to 'go to work' in town that is dedicated to CFF and where my kiddies won't see me working all the time and have that as their main memory of me.  I want home to be a place to make memories and for me to be able to play and be intentional, so it's important for me to have this separate space.  And I LOVE it! (that's where my photo is taken!)




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