Four Everyday Oil Roller Recipes (from starter kit)

I have been having so much fun diving into my new oil hobby in hopes to increase my overall health and swap out some toxic products that I have used for YEARS. After I got home from our crazy 7-month road trip, I was really able to have some fun creating some of my own products and I want to share with you some of my favorites. 

One way to make your oils last longer is by diluting them with a carrier oil in a roller so that they can spread easy over different parts of your body AND it makes it easy to take them on-the-go. Yes, I am the gal constant rolling oils on her wrist, neck and chest.

I only the oils from my Youngliving Starter Kit so all my rollers are made from that kit. To make these I ordered these rollers from Amazon along with this fractionated coconut oil from Amazon.

From there I poured the oils in the rollers FIRST and proceeded with using the funnel the roller kit provided to fill the rest with coconut oil. The reason you pour oils first is so you don't overflow and waste oils, since those are the most valuable!

Here are my four recipes and I can honestly say that I love and use them ALL, daily:

chillout- 15 drops peace & calming + 15 drops lavender  
I use these every night behind my ears and on the bottom of my feet before bed.

relief- 15 drops panaway + 10 drops peppermint + 5 drops lavender
I rub this on my neck and traps throughout the day because that is where I hold stress. Also great for sure muscles!

focus- 15 drops citrus fresh + 15 drops valor 
I used this daily while working on my wrists, neck and chest. It smells SO good.

tummy- 15 drops digize + 15 drops peppermint
This is GREAT for digestion after meals or if your stomach is upset/ bloated.

Let me know if you try making these for yourself (tag me @trainertanner). If you have not started or do not have enough oils yet, start the way I did by grabbing this Starter Kit. You get over $400 worth of oils + an oil diffuser (worth $100 alone) all for just $165. I have been using the oils so much the last two months and still have plenty. I am so glad I went this route rather than buying them separately. If you do choose to grab the Starter Kit, you can join my small little Truly Oils squad and we can continue to learn this hobby together!


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