How to get healthy without it feeling SO hard

How to get healthy without it feeling SO hard

Does finding health feel like a chore and just so darn hard?  Motivation comes and goes,
restriction and binging...the rollercoaster just isn't so fun to ride anymore; highs, lows...and
everything in between.  And now you want off? I feel ya sista! My health used to be something
that felt so hard for me to really 'get together', 'get a grip on' and really understand and focus on;
I was literally riding that roller coaster just like so many people...

Coming to you from Charlotte, North Carolina, where I'm visiting my sister, I thought I'd share a
little on how to simplify your health journey.

But before I do, let's just take a moment to pause and recognize the irony that exists as I talk
about simplicity in health...when after 6.5 months into my journey around the US, everything just
feels that little bit harder than usual.  It can be so tough to find some routine and rhythm when
you're always on the go, living out of a suitcase, locating the shops and parking and how to get into
your accommodation! But not to worry - at least I've learned how to simplify other aspects of my
life, like my health.  And you have no idea how refreshing it is to be able to say
this! (or maybe you do...?)

So, anyway, here they are: my top tips for easily pursuing more health:

GRACE - be kind and loving to yourself and avoid setting restrictions and building walls
that are too hard to climb right now...what is something you can do just 1% better today?  Progress
over perfection, lovelies!

CONSISTENCY - feel like you're not seeing any results?  Be real with yourself...have you
really stuck to those things you committed to? (especially those small changes that actually
have a BIG impact).

ACCOUNTABILITY - find someone (friend, family member, coach or mentor) to check in
with to help with motivation.  My husband is my best accountability partner! Maybe you could find
yourself some accountability through one of my programs?...

BELIEF -  SO much of our health journey has to do with the stories we tell ourselves and
end up believing about ourselves.  Changing your mindset WILL change your health.  

"We have to transform our thoughts. We have to believe that this time it will be different because
this time we will wrap this thing up in love because what we understand is love is freedom. And
guess what. God is love." - Me ;)

P.s. I want to thank all of you who wrote reviews for my podcast and a special congrats to Elsi who
won 3 months free in the Chasing Freedom Fighters community - so excited to have you!

And if you're interested in introducing a little more accountability, maybe the Chasing Freedom Fighters
group is for you too.  Or maybe you're the gal who likes a little more attention, and in that case, you'll be
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Check out episode 61 of the Chasing Freedom Show podcast, for my full (but short and sweet)
download on how to get healthy without it feeling SO hard on Spotify, iTunes, or SoundCloud!

Imagine what you can do with a healthier body!...




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