Girl chat: SEX...with Laura Reynolds

Guilt, shame, sin, redemption, pleasure, intimacy...what thoughts and feelings do you have when I say the word SEX?

Recently, I’ve been chatting with my good friend Laura, about all things sex and the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that comes along with it.  I met Laura in Long Beach and we just clicked - she’s now one of my health clients, but more than that, she’s a like-minded BELIEVER and freedom walker and one of my go-to girls to chat about sex with.

Now, ya’ll...we’re not any kind of ‘sexperts’, BUT between us, we have some pretty great insights (if I do say so myself) into sex-related struggles, and better...redemption!

Sex is often wrapped in so much shame because of our upbringing.  Take a moment to reflect on how you learned about sex and how that’s shaped your views on it today…this can be a super revealing little exercise.

I think it’s important for us to remember God’s intent for sex.  When we look through scripture, sex is the spiritual binding of husband and wife through a pleasurable act that comes from a place of love and intimacy.  It is by no means JUST a physical act.  

In saying this, if you feel like you have sexual sins that you just can’t seem to overcome, know that God cares so, SO much more about your next steps than any past missteps.

The intimacy and struggles in our relationships often mirror our relationship with God.  So, learn from each and every hurdle and let the lessons bring you closer to Him. 

I love this little nugget of wisdom from Laura: "if the God of the universe can forgive my sins and choose to put them out of his mind, then they clearly have no weigh on my identity and who I am."  Doesn’t this just put things into perspective!?  Let’s cut ourselves some slack, hey?

If we want to live in purity, we have to believe that we are now pure and that the sin that we were living in...well, it’s completely gone.

Something else that can help is bringing in more vulnerability and opening up to people you trust, about sex.  We both found that we’ve had to be more vulnerable if we want more freedom - and you can't have freedom unless you know speak it!  

Oh! last thing...if you want to listen to how this girl chat went down, check out my latest  episode (60) of the Chasing Freedom Show on Spotify, iTunes, or SoundCloud!
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