Embrace Your Real with Julie Ledbetter

Embracing Your 'Real' and Living Better - with Julie Ledbetter

"Externally accomplished, but internally dying" - know that feeling!?  My amazing friend Julie Ledbetter
certainly does. I think we’ve all been there to some extent...sigh.    

It's not that you're stuck. God's still moving. He didn't stop moving, right. It's that you're not
following the creator -  like you're not following what was designed for you. You were made
to move. You were made for more. You were made to embrace the realness of who you are.

Julie and I recently caught up to talk some truth (for the first time, might I add - she is totally one of
my soul sisters!)..  Her realness is SO inspiring!! And it's no wonder; she started the #embraceyourreal
movement on social media!

Julie is a lifestyle mentor, encouraging women to embrace WHO they are.   Motivated by her own
struggles, she works with women to help them live every day better than the last through sustainable
health and fitness. 

I can’t even begin to describe how incredible Julie’s story is.  Like many of us, Julie was so focussed on
WHAT she was...all that superficial stuff.  Disordered relationship with food, body image issues, and
always trying to overcompensate with exercise and through nutrition programs.  Can you relate? Now,
she’s an advocate for focussing on WHO we are. When you know this, it makes life so much easier to
navigate. Promise.

One pivotal moment in Julie's inspirational journey was meeting her husband - born deaf, Josh came
into Julie's life at one of her lowest points, armed with a degree in health & exercise science.  He actually
bluntly asked her if she had an eating disorder on their first date (*GHASP*). Imagine someone really
SEEING you for the first time in your life! They’re now chasing their dreams together and teaching
women how to show up to their lives and experience freedom from toxic dieting patterns and body

Julie’s life didn’t change overnight though.  You know I’m always talking about progress and continuously
‘chasing’ the lifestyle we want to create more freedom!  She ended up competing in bikini competitions -
something she describes as a bandaid, despite winning titles! That last one she did, she walked off and
vowed she would never set foot on the stage again.  Josh had been there, done that with the
competitions. One of the beautiful things about Josh though, is he lets her 'fall' and learn for herself.
We need those people in our lives who just love us through things they know might not be the best for us. 
We all need to learn to 'fall' ourselves and then stand back up stronger.  

After Julie’s last competition, she took a 3-year deep dive into reinventing herself, accepting WHO she
was at that time, but also knowing she couldn’t stay there.  And so her #embraceyourreal movement was
born. She released videos, where she shared her story and began encouraging women to embrace who
they are; past present & future.  She knew she wanted to help positively impact the next generation and
meet them where they're at; online.  

On a personal level, I loved hearing about Julie and Josh’s marriage and business partnership.  Can you
even imagine all the things you’d learn from having to stop and look someone in the eye to talk with them? 
About anything! Talk about presence and intimacy!  

"The journey is really where you are built as a person; where your experiences are built; where the
wisdom that is gained through going through all the hardships that you go through; all of those
things are preparing you for the next thing that you're going to pursue and just going to make you
stronger and stronger as an individual." - Julie Ledbetter

Find more from Julie on social media @juliealedbetter & @embraceyourreal and visit her website

To get REAL with us, listen in to my latest podcast episode (62): Embracing Your ‘Real’ and Living
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