How to Slow Down When You Feel Like You Can't Keep Up

I can’t keep up.

Today was one of those days where I tried SO hard not get stressed. Where I push to be intentional. Where I craved to be slow and not feel like I HAD to get everything done or get back to people immediately. Where my time with Jesus was rushed. Where I took deep breaths when anxiety tried to creep in. Where I told myself I would not work all night. Where I promised myself that this was not what life was about or how I was meant to live so I need to calm down and simply do my best.

I am sure you get me. I mean it is the Monday after a weekend.

It seemed like the more I tried the longer the to-do list got and the least things I actually got done. I felt like a hamster chasing a productivity award.

And still, I couldn’t keep up. Anxiety was present. Doubt crept in and I tried to do it all. I mean it is a Monday. I have to workout, spend time with Jesus, eat well, work hard, meal prep, and check all the boxes.. right? If not, what else are Mondays for?

See my train of thought as a structured person is, “well if it does not get done today, it is just more I have to do tomorrow.” And so I start stressing about tomorrow.

Are you exhausted from reading this? Welcome to my Monday. But I would be lying if I said this was not common for me. Monday or not. I tend to make my business #1. Above Jesus, above my husband, above my own health (ironic since I am a health coach).

And honestly, I think my only answer here is grace. So, I write this today to tell you that the answer to your #mondaystruggle might be grace too. Less pressure, more grace. We can’t take out to-do lists with us. Kinda hard to swallow as a gal who loves her to-do list 😂 #chasingfreedom

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