For the Girl Looking For Her Husband

For the girl waiting for her husband...

I admire you.
I know most days it’s hard.
I know you feel guilty for not enjoying this season.
I know you fear never finding that right man.
I know the unintentional (or maybe intentional) pressure from your family makes it that much worse.
I know it feels lonely and going to eat with married couples your age that have kids can feel like agony.
I know your happy for your friends and still love them all the same but it does not make it easier.
I know you don’t know how to find him. are dating apps ok? can I meet him at the bar? Am I looking in
all the wrong places?
I know you ask God, “why is this so hard?”

I don’t have the solution or the husband for you. But I have the empathy and I just want to remind you
that God wants you to want Him more than you want a husband. God also uses all pain for good.
He sees you. Hears you. And has a plan for you. It will come when your focus is off the future husband
and on the one Who designed your husband.

“Are you who your future spouse is looking for?” <— that was the question that turned my husbands
life around before we met. I’ll let that sink. But just know, I am here to hold a space for your discomfort
and your growth.

Love, Tan

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