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Girl chat: SEX...with Laura Reynolds

Guilt, shame, sin, redemption, pleasure, intimacy...what thoughts and feelings do you have when I say the word SEX?
Recently, I’ve been chatting with my good friend Laura, about all things sex and the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that comes along with it.  I met Laura in Long Beach and we just clicked - she’s now one of my health clients, but more than that, she’s a like-minded BELIEVER and freedom walker and one of my go-to girls to chat about sex with.
Now, ya’ll...we’re not any kind of ‘sexperts’, BUT between us, we have some pretty great insights (if I do say so myself) into sex-related struggles, and better...redemption!
Sex is often wrapped in so much shame because of our upbringing.  Take a moment to reflect on how you learned about sex and how that’s shaped your views on it today…this can be a super revealing little exercise.
I think it’s important for us to remember God’s intent for sex.  When we look through scripture, sex is the spiritual binding of husband and wife through a pleasurable a…

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