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How To Thrive When Your Relationship Gets Hard with Debra Fileta

Relationships are SO important and no matter where you're at, the time we put into any and all relationships is time well spent.  It's scientifically proven that the quality of our relationships impacts our health.  With that being said Valentine's Day can often highlight issues we have when it comes to our relationships or, maybe better put: our relationship with relationships... How do you feel about Valentine's Day?   For most of us, it's not the fairy-tale day we once thought it might be.   So how do we avoid the disappointment this day brings?   Debra Fileta suggests it's all in managing our expectations. Fellow lover of Jesus, Debra is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in dating, marriage, singleness, relationship issues, and many other mental health struggles.  She is the author of  True Love Dates, Choosing Marriage, and Love In Every Season .  She also runs the number 1 faith-based relationship advice blog for singles, marrie

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