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Identifying Your Gifts and Juggling Life with Sharon Hodde Miller

Do you know what your gifts are?Are you using them or are they being wasted?Here's a secret...the world needs what you have to offer!God gave you your gifts for you to use and make an impact.Recently I spoke with Sharon Hodde Miller - an incredible woman and giver of wisdom.She is a mom, wife, church planter, teaching pastor, and author.We talked a lot about identifying and using your gifts to serve in the Lord's name.
Sharon and her husband Ike, planted a Church in Durham just over a year ago.Ike is the lead pastor and she is the teaching pastor.Right before they launched the Church was when Sharon had her 3rd child and she was also finishing her second book.You can probably gather they run at a pretty high pace!
Prioritizing, Juggling, And Balancing The Different Roles In Your Life
Where Sharon lives is one of the most highly educated areas of the country per capita.Basically, this means that there are many women who are doctors, lawyers, CEOs, V.Ps, and professors who are l…

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