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How to Live More Confidently with Rebekah Buege

The following words are for you if you struggle with confidence, or if you have struggled with confidence before...because as we know, confidence can come and go if the foundation of our self-worth is not rooted in faith.
Rebekah Buege is a confidence coach who helps women think less about their bodies and more about their inner identity. She is the host of the Confidently She podcast, lover of the Gospel and vulnerability. I hope that my recalling of a conversation with Rebekah will encourage you in your journey and bring you peace, excitement, and hope.
Rebekah's story is similar to many of ours - her identity and self-worth was, at times, so impacted by the way her body looked and her relationships with men. The way the Lord has transformed her and given her a new level of confidence is incredible...something that women desire so desperately.
How Following The Lord Can Shift The Direction Of Business
Rebekah describes herself as "just a single Christian woman doing my best…

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