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Nothing is Wasted

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Anyone else in a challenging season of life? I could not raise my hand higher. Maybe you are feeling a bit lost? Or possibly feeling like you are running on anxiety? I will get straight to it because one thing I know is that vulnerability heals–not just the person being vulnerable but also the people that hear her too. I use the word “challenging” with a lot of intention. Just because this season is challenging does not mean that it is bad. And just because it is not bad, does not mean I am not allowed to cry or feel sad or frustrated. Needless to say, God is teaching me A LOT right now. But if I could narrow it down to one sentence, it would be this, “Worship doesn’t have to be happy.” I truly think that God sent a sweet daughter of His to remind me of this last week. That rocked my world because my husband and I are trying to conceive right now. And each month there is a negative pregnancy test or I start my period, I feel a deep sorrow unlike anything I h…

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