Life Update - Baby, House and Business Things

As 2019 comes to a close and we FAST approach 2020, I thought it timely to give ya'll a little life update.  My hope in doing this is that 'seeing' behind the scenes will help you to understand and connect with me on a deeper level.

2019 has been wild!  My husband and I went on a 7 month long road trip around the U.S. and Canada, started building our forever home, began trying to grow our family, and made some pretty big work and business changes.  All I know as this year comes to an end is that I already can't wait for what's ahead in guys are gonna be super excited for all of the good stuff coming out of the Chasing Freedom Headquarters next year!

So here's the low-down...

Our physical situation
We began building our house while we were on our road trip and it's now about 1 month (being optimistic here!) away from being finished!  When we got back, we obviously needed somewhere to live, and bless my amazing parents...we moved in with them!  The farm their home is on in Georgetown, Kentucky, also happens to be where we are building our home...a few football fields (distance-wise) away from each other.  My whole family also lives in this town.  Being close to family is SO important and we are beyond pumped to move in!

My parents' house is my childhood home (and childhood bedroom), but I haven't lived here in 8.5 years, so it's been a BIG transition.  And there's another just around the corner when we try to find our feet in our new home!  Also, Derick has never moved away from his home there's a lot for us to navigate right now!

We do have a really great family dynamic working with everyone helping each other out.  We are super, super grateful to have the opportunity to live with my parents at this time and to physically watch our house get finished.  However, I would consider Derick and I very much still 'newly married', at least in terms of how it, as you might understand, not having our own space has been a little challenging at times.

I also thought we'd struggle with not being around for the beginning of the house-building process, but that was actually a breeze.  My dad is contracting out our house, so he's been a massive help!  I never really felt stressed about any of it while we were on the road.  But now that we're home (we've been back about 6 weeks), I can't imagine not being here...the closer we get to the house being finished, the more crazy it all feels!  We are literally picking things up for the contractors, daily!  Just little things like lights, door knobs, smoke detectors...all the finishing touches you don't really think so much about in the beginning.

Honestly, up until this last week and a bit, this house building thing has been such a good experience!  I only just had my first meltdown because it was all feeling so stressful and last-minute.  It only just started to affect our work - you know, with having to drop everything and go get something for the contractors right away!  Obviously that's hard to do when you're running a business and you know I'm all about rhythm and when that get's thrown out, it just feels like a bit of a scramble.  BUT...we're back on track mentally and we are ON THE HOME STRETCH!

I will just add that letting you know EXACTLY when the house will be done is near impossible.  We are guessing (and hoping) for within the next month, but we also just have to be okay with it if it's more like Christmas time.  We are just letting the contractors do good work and remaining thankful for being able to live with my parents in the meantime.
Work, work, work, work
Derick started his new job in Lexington, Kentucky, which is about 25 minutes away from our home(s) - he started the week after we got back from our big trip.  This last month and a bit has been all about learning how to navigate the new job, hours and challenges for him.  It really strained our marriage in the beginning, but things are starting to smooth out and we've spent a lot of time praying about it.  Right now, we're in a pretty darn good spot with both of our jobs and where we're at with the house which feels so nice!  I've been able to delegate some house things a little bit better to him now that his work schedule has found some routine.

Oh, and you might have already heard (but I'm still excited about it, so I'm gonna ride this a little longer) that I opened an office space in town. Chasing Freedom Headquarters is where I get things done daily now.  I did this for a number of reasons including that I love to record podcasts and videos etc. and I think it's really important to work from a professional space dedicated to providing value to people...podcasts, calls and videos from coffee shops just doesn't quite cut it anymore.  The other big reason for this is that I have a severe case of 'mother mindset' right now...

I'm SO stinkin' excited and ready to be a mom one day that all my thoughts for my business right now are like, "does this serve the future family?"  One thing that I really wanted to make sure of was to protect my family from  my work personality.  You know what I mean, right!?  I can be a workaholic and I can let work take the throne of my heart pretty easily.  I don't want my kids growing up remembering Mom always working in the house.  I feel like it's a much healthier environment for us all if I get up, leave the house and 'go' to work so that

Trying to conceive (TTC)
Speaking of motherhood, Derick and I are in the season of trying to conceive.  I shared about this over on Instagram not too long ago about some of the changes I've made to my health and things I'm trying to focus on  here and there. The reason I decided to open up about this journey is because I felt a little bit alone, but I also knew if I felt that way, then there would be so many other women who were in the same boat.  Through sharing, I've been able to experience some incredible conversations with women who are also walking through this and I'm learning SO much.

It's been a really challenging time, but God is teaching me a lot in this season and mine and Derick's faith is definitely growing.  He's teaching me so much about my tears and disappointment at another negative pregnancy test.  He's teaching me that in the midst of my fears and doubts and sadness that I can still worship...and worship doesn't have to be happy. 

I wrote a whole blog post about this trying time (see what I did there!?) - check it out here.

The BIZ stuff
So, 2020 is gonna be a mega-exciting year.  I've been working on something that's going to be launching at the end 2019/start of 2020.  Actually,  I'm actually on Monday the 21st October I'm going to be releasing the first little tidbit of what's going down to my Insider Freedom List.  If you're struggling with body image, consistency or you're feeling isolated in your pursuit to be more spiritually healthy...make sure you're on this list because what is coming in 2020 is going to serve you SO well.

What's coming has been such a process...I couldn't put it together without a ton of experience first.  It was really important to me not rush it.  And now that I can finally see it come to fruition, I'm just like, oh, man, LIVES ARE GONNA BE CHANGED! Freedom is gonna be found and transformation of the heart is gonna happen. And THAT is what we're about! To really give this project all the energy is deserves, I did also stop taking 1:1 health clients. 

And while this stuff is what's top of mind and first cab off the rank, I do have some dream projects that I'm still working on navigating...I guess you could say I'm in the process of untangling a bunch of ideas.  Ideas about helping people build online businesses.  Oh, YEAH!  What I'm thinking is that for people who don't know what they want to do when they go to college or get out of college, or they're in a career that just doesn't light them up in any way, shape or form, if they're confused or uninspired, but they want to use their gifts and pursue their passion and live a life of purpose in the online space...then what I'm working toward is for them.  Maybe it's for YOU!?  Watch this space.

Podcast plans
I've put together a new system for my podcasts with the goal to provide even MORE value on Chasing Freedom Show.  Moving forward, I'm working to get some really incredible people that are chasing freedom in their life onto this show.  Look forward to more variety, more women sharing their testimony of how God is moving in their life.  These women are gonna inspire you, build you up, and encourage you...don't miss these!  Make sure you're subscribed!

What the end of 2019 has in store
Here's kind of my plan...enjoy it.  Sound good to you?  Yeah, let's all aim for that!  I really do love fall, especially right now. I have my window cracked in my office.  It's so crisp and fresh and oh, I just love it.  While I can, my goal is to get outside as much as possible until it gets really cold.  I've been implementing a lot of walking in between my work hours - it really helps a lot with my energy and back pain!

I'm going to this business boutique event soon too. Christy Wright puts it's a Christian business conference. Oh, I'm so excited!  I'm going with one of my amazing clients!  There will be some awesome speakers there like Bob Goff and Dave Ramsey and a whole slew of other incredible people.  It's gonna be such a great opportunity to expand what I know and learn from some of the best.  Isn't just so cool that there's even such a thing as a Christian business conference!?  I think it's absolutely amazing that people who put their faith first in life are coming together and saying it's okay to be a businesswoman, too. I feel like sometimes we need that permission. I know when I started my business, I did!

Also, there's that thing I mentioned know, the HOUSE!  I can't wait to move in and get it all decorated.  I must admit, I've been wanting to buy a lot of things for it, but I know we need to wait until we're in to see what we actually need and really make sure we fill it with the right things. I don't want to just fill it as fast as possible.  I'm actually viewing every big or little piece as an investment.  This is our long-term home...not to sound morbid, but we plan to die in this house, ya know.  So if it means spending a little bit more money or time, then by all means we'll save up if we have to, and we will wait.

And then there's Christmas, of course.  I love this time of year, but I am sad that my little sis won't be with us.  Her beautiful, selfless soul is going to be serving in Columbia...if this speaks to you, you can donate to her mission here.

Oh, yea, and then the launch of the new Chasing Freedom project.  I seriously LOVE being able to set women free from body image stuff.  Honestly, the idea of women seeing food or going into social events and not feeling stressed out at all and instead feeling empowered and making decisions that make them feel alive, moving their body out of love and celebration and not punishment...I just want to continue to help women step into this kind of lifestyle because it is LASTING and it WILL make the rest of your life so much more enjoyable.

So, yeah!  An epically exciting fall and winter ahead!  A lot of transition going down with the Chasing Freedom business and with our family.  And don't miss out on any further updates - make sure you've joined my Insider Freedom List  - when you do, you immediately receive a Nourish Bowl Recipe Ebook, Morning Routine Ebook and a 4-week Bible Study for FREE!  You're also the first to get the low down on everything new happening in the Chasing Freedom world...don't miss out!




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