Motivation, Inspiration & Staying on Track

Motivation, Inspiration & Staying on Track

Consistency is the hardest part of any journey.  Am I right? 

And here's the kicker...Consistency = RESULTS.

So, how do we create consistency and keep moving towards our goals?  It comes down to motivation (and more importantly, discipline), inspiration (because we need to be working toward something we LOVE), and being clear on your priorities; your goals need to be your priorities! 

Let's break this down:


True motivation is fleeting; it doesn't really last.  It comes and goes in waves.  That's just the nature of it - don't get discouraged if you feel unmotivated.  Often we try to lean on motivation to get things done, when we should really be focusing on discipline.  And when I talk about discipline here, I mean giving yourself a deeper reasoning for your actions. 

You don't always have access to motivation (because it's usually drawn from external factors), but you DO ALWAYS have access to discipline.  Discipline comes from within.  Discipline is attached to your 'WHY'.

When people ask me how I stay so motivated, I laugh a little inside.  I'm really only motivated about 10% of the time.  The other 90%, it's discipline that has me showing up!

Last week, I was so motivated.  It felt SO good.  And now that motivation is gone and I'm sitting here like, where did that go!?  A lot of times we become unmotivated because we're really tired, exhausted or just need rest.  If you're in a season of feeling unmotivated; congratulations!...You're a normal human being.

Here's the thing: we were called to be disciplined people.  We were called to be disciples.  Going out to spread the gospel and share all the good that God is doing in our lives and our testimonies, takes discipline.

"Discipline will always TRIUMPH motivation"

I mean, hey - I can motivate you...but if I motivate you right now, it's not going to last.  On the other hand, if I help you create habits and routine and understand the deeper reasons WHY you even want to eat healthy, or move your body or dive into your business...THAT will build discipline!

Motivation is OUT.  Discipline is IN. Try to shift your focus to the things that are going to allow you to create rhythm and routine in your life.  A disciplined person's actions reflect their WHY.  Their actions reflect a deeper reason for being; something GREATER than them.  And it's these reasons that will allow you to choose discipline every day of your life.

It's important to know that you can be a very disciplined person AND be a very 'go-with-the-flow' individual as well, so don't get hung up with rigidity.

One last thing when it comes to motivation, is knowing where your weaknesses are; why haven't you stuck to things in the past?  Where and when do you struggle the most?  These are the voids that need filling with discipline.  Creating discipline and boundaries around the things you usually struggle with, will allow you to find more freedom and experience life in a whole new way.


INSPIRATION!!  I love the word inspiration so much.  I've received so much inspiration in my life.  And just as I have received, I know that I am called to GIVE inspiration to women. 

From my experience, I know that staying inspired requires change.  We need constant change in different areas in order to keep being inspired and moving toward our goals e.g. new meals, new workouts, new people in our lives etc.

Today, I thought I'd share with you some of the ways that I stay inspired in the hope that these will help inspire you!  Note takers; pens at the ready...

1. I follow people who inspire me on social media.  I am very intentional about how I'm consuming and what I'm consuming.  I follow and I listen to things that inspire me and feel up-lifting.  There is a fine line here though - if I'm constantly watching other people thriving all the time, continuing to grow and scale and just generally CRUSH it, sometimes it can get to the point where I start to doubt whether I can ever reach that kind of potential.  So, when you enter the comparison-zone, it's time to check in with yourself and unfollow those accounts that are no longer serving you. You have to protect yourself!

2. I'm coached and mentored by inspiring people.  These aren't people who just feed me positivity.  They're real, honest people who hold me accountable and push me.  They aren't afraid to teach me lessons and also aren't afraid to listen.  I invest in these types of relationships because so far, they have changed my life in so many amazing ways.  My mentors and coaches have held space for me and allowed me to step into things that I never imagined possible!

3. I tell people my goals.  Often people try to keep their goals hidden because then if they 'fail' no one really has to know, right!?  Well, sister, if you're hiding your goals and things that you're working towards, there's a good chance that you're not going to stick them if you're not even willing to voice that to someone else. When we voice things and we speak them into existence, we are much more likely to stay on track.  So, tell people what you're working towards.  This creates accountability. It creates community.  And that is a game changer, I promise.  Go and tell someone right now and then come back to reading this!

4. I read books and listen to music that I find inspiring.  I have the Chasing Freedom playlist on Spotify, which is a bunch of good worship music.  I also love reading books by Christian authors every single night - it's inspiring for me to lay my head down with some truth.  It just eases my mind and makes me feel inspired to wake up the next morning and get going!  In the Bible, there is also scripture for anything and everything that you might be going through.  Consuming the word, and really getting to understand it, stretches our faith.  And when our faith is stretched, we have this deeper, more, concrete foundation in general; you become unshakable.  And feeling that way is so dang inspiring!

5. I dive into prayer.  In the last couple of weeks, prayer has felt really hard.  And I don't like to say that, but it's the truth.  I've felt confused about what to say.  I haven't had that open line of communication with God like I'm used to.  And with this stickiness around prayer, I've honestly felt so much less inspired in general!  It's really shown me just how much our faith can be the temperature to how we feel spiritually.  I don't feel as spiritually healthy right now as I have before.  And it's not the most comforting space to be in.  But I know that there is restoration in this and everything will be okay, and eventually, my prayer life is going to be strengthened.  I'm going to continue to pursue prayer and keep talking to God and we're going to have some awesome conversations.  And I will be disciplined with this, because when your spiritual health is the healthiest thing that you have, everything else in your life will be truly healthy too.

"Inspiration gives us fuel to stay consistent"

One last piece of advice on inspiration that's really helped me is to make sure you're intentional about where your inspiration is coming from.  There's a huge difference between inspiration fueled by comparison versus faithful inspiration.  For example, comparing yourself to other people's bodies and their relationships that you see on social media - that kind of inspiration is unhealthy (I know, I've been there).  What you need to find is faithful inspiration.  Inspiration from truth.  Inspiration from recognizing that you have your own unique potential that is different from every single other person.  Be really, really careful of what and how you're consuming and where you're getting inspiration from.

Staying on track in general

Staying on track is HARD!

And yet, the most important part to achieving something is staying on track!  Staying on track through weekends, social events, vacations, days when you are EXHAUSTED, when you don't have an extra minute in the day...

Staying on track requires checking in with your priorities.  Be honest with yourself about what the MOST important things are in your life and then examine whether or not your life is reflecting these things.  Staying on track is not about is about sheer discipline, propelled by inspiration.

Of course there will be things that 'get in the way'.  This will always be the case.  We have the habit of making jobs, school, sports etc. more important than our own hearts.  BUT at the end of the day, we have a choice.  We're always in a season of something and keep making excuses, saying that we're just waiting for a better time to do 'x'.  Ladies, the truth is, the time is NOW.  Your goals need to reflect your priorities and your priorities need to reflect your goals.

If your health is a priority, but you aren't taking care of your body, your energy, your sleep and your rest, then you are betraying yourself.  If God is the number 1 priority in your life but you're not connecting with Him, not getting into community, not ever opening your Bible or praying, then your life is NOT portraying the importance of your faith.

Take a moment to ask yourself what your priorities are and then take a look at your life, objectively.  Based on what you are doing in your life right now, what does this say about your priorities?

I have to do this myself, often.  I'll be completely business and my marriage can take turns at being number 1 in my life.  But guys, my business and my marriage are NOT eternal things.  These are things that I merely get a glimpse of in this life.  My REAL number 1 is God.  My relationship with Jesus.  My faith in general.  This is my priority be because every one of us has a soul and therefore has the opportunity to have eternal life when we put our hope and trust in Jesus.  So, for me, if that's my priority, how am I living that out?  What does that look like?  Am I in community?  Am I openly, unapologetically talking about my faith?

Have faith that if you're waking up each day and intentionally living out your priorities, that your life is going to improve and you WILL feel lighter and more fulfilled.  I know it can be a battle between priorities at times and you feel pulled in all different directions and it's just so overwhelming, but at the end of the day, you have a CHOICE.

"Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours."

This is something my elementary school used to say to us every day.  And to this day, my family still uses it!  It's the reminder that, "hey, don't forget; you have a choice".  You have the choice to step into freedom here.  Choose to be intentional.  Choose discipline over motivation.  Choose faithful inspiration.  And choose YOUR priorities.  Do this, and you'll be more that staying on'll be FLYING!

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