Five Habits of Highly Disciplined People

I have always been inspired by highly disciplined people. Watching others live a healthy and intentional life really has pushed me to pursue the same thing for myself. But one thing I have noticed is that these people that I am motivated by did not get where they are by chance. Disciplined people fill their days with life giving and soul fulfilling habits that launch them forward to keep going after their dreams and things they have been called to! Take a look at these 5 habits below to see if you can build a few into your daily routine as you evolve into a more disciplined person.

  1. Word Before the World: while I am nowhere near perfect with this, there is no doubt that getting into my Bible before I do things has an impact on how I live. Successful women often avoid looking at their phone or email right away in the morning because it puts us in a place of reactivity rather than empowering proactivity. Regardless of how busy or demanding our lives may be, our faith is the foundation that all we do. If we can take a few minutes to dive into the Bible and download truth into our hearts and minds, the choices we make each day will inherently look different. Especially over time.
  2. Get One Step Ahead: make the hard decisions easier for yourself. Want to workout out in the mornings? Lay your clothes out. Want to meal prep for the week? Schedule time in and make it fun. Want to have a more solid morning routine? Create an inviting space to come to every morning.
  3. Maintain Positivity: there is no doubt that life is hard and some days are gonna be rough. But the way that we handle the ups and downs in life impacts our decisions and those around us. When we allow ourselves to get into negative bubbles it often does not stop there. If we are trying to live better, grow, and evolve into more disciplined women then we don’t have room or space for negativity. #speaklife
  4. Set Boundaries: discipline requires boundaries. I know it is hard to shut off work, not go to the next episode on netflix and to put down the cookies but these boundaries are vital for our well-being. In different seasons of life, the boundaries you need to set may look different. Take them temperature of your life, what is holding you back living disciplined?
  5. Trust and Believe: we are our biggest critics and we often are the reason that we don’t take action, live bold and push past what is comfortable. You are capable. You are strong. You are equipped. When I get in a rut where my self- confidence dips, I run to what I know is TRUE and I remind myself that I can not optimally run from a state of lack. When you believe and trust in yourself, the things you can and will do will even shock you. 

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