A Short Letter for the Girl In Her Twenties

To my sis in her 20’s... you’re not crazy. I know you question yourself, where you are, your relationships, and purpose A LOT.

You feel crazy because some days you couldn’t feel more aligned with where you are and who you are and other days you feel completely foreign in your body wondering if any choice you have made is ACTUALLY in God’s will.

You aren’t crazy. You’re normal. 20’s are tough and great at the same time. We have so much freedom but also have to make some of our hardest decisions. Ones that society will tell us determine our future.

But I’m here to remind you that it’s okay if you aren’t sure about your career. It’s okay if you need to take time to pray about your relationship. And it’s okay that you don’t have it “all together”.

We are in our 20’s, let’s embrace the mess of it! Just because she is “killin” it doesn’t mean you aren’t! God’s got a plan just for YOU. So instead of jumping ahead and trying to level up, let’s jump in and embrace the level we get to be on. Today has its purpose. I promise ya.

I love you! Xoxo,


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