What Jesus Taught Me About Alcohol

I was afraid to tell this, but here I am emotionally exposing myself.

Ya know when you recognize that something you’re doing isn’t healthy and in fact it’s completely holding
you back from being healthy? And so you’re like “I’m gonna give it up for a while because I don’t want to
depend on it any longer.”

So you give it up for a while and then the day comes where you made it that time span of fasting from it,
and now it’s available.

And so you celebrate WITH that thing. Immediately you feel the same feelings as the day you decided to
give it up, but you just keep “celebrating”.

Welcome to my life today ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ. I decided to go all of April without having an alcoholic drink. My honest
reasons why were because:
1. It was becoming too frequent as an “afternoon treat” because we would hit up happy hours.
2. When my work duties were done it was not rare to see 1 drink lead to 3 because that tipsy
feeling was fun.
3. I get a hangover off ONE drink, every time. I’m sluggish, foggy, and swollen. I don’t like feeling that way.

Now, before you judge because I may not show this on my social media, I’ve done enough judging myself,
believe me.

Story cont... so today Derick and I go get a bottle of wine and decide to watch our show. I got a bottle of
moscato (aka super sweet wine, basically dessert).

As I poured my 4th glass and was giggly, Derick gave me that look. Like, “DANG BABE”. And I got defensive
and felt the need to tell him it’s no different that his beers (shame problem).

Did I get drunk? No. But am I frustrated? 100%.

I gave this up because I wanted to no longer feel like I ever needed alcohol to feel happiness or
contentment. But there I was, May 1 (on a Wednesday) with an almost finished bottle of wine.

Why do we often celebrate with the thing we give up? Fasting isn’t meant to be a countdown to self
celebrating. Biblical fasting is to put the focus on the cross.

And I did not live that out. But I REALLY know that although I put my focus on me, Jesus was there all
along and has met me right in my failure. And that’s really really sweet

More of a vent at this point, thanks for showing up to read with love. #chasingfreedom

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