How to Love Your Body and Reach Confidence without Getting Obsessed

Just a few years ago I would have seen this side by side as a “reverse transformation”, a regression, a failure truly. I would have ran to my obsessive tendencies, put that picture as my phone background, and saw every piece of food as something that kept me from those “body goals”.

I’m not sure, maybe you saw it that way too. Maybe you said “dang she WAS fit.”

But can I tell you something? I really don’t want to live the rest of my life manipulating my day around food. I really don’t want to take Tupperware to restaurants and small group and outings. I don’t wanna eat cold chicken and broccoli. Or count down the hours until I can “eat again”. Just not my jam.

I wanna play the long-term game. The one where Jesus said, “go out and make disciples of all nations”. The one where my legacy left has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the cross. I’ll trade my body goals for His plans any day. I just have a hard time believing that God wanted me to live obsessed with how I look. And I also believe that the more I get to know Who He is, the more disciplined I’ll be. I’ll choose nourishing meals, I’ll choose to move, I’ll choose health because I was given the opportunity to do so every single morning.

There is a difference between having goals and living for your goals. And guess what, that girl on the right climbs mountains, lifts heavy, can run, does yoga, loves walking. I would definitely say she is fit!

Maybe you want to do this whole healthy thing with a whole new perspective. Maybe what you’re doing is just not working. You’re sick of letting yourself down or never feeling confident. Join me and other sisters with that same desire.

Discover freedom in your life with this movement to help you overcome your battles, create disciplines to move and nourish your body, and reclaim your walk with Christ.

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